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Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Anaheim

Vegetarian and vegan foodies love how prevalent kind-eating establishments are in Anaheim. You have a bevy of veg-friendly dining options at your feet, starting with Healthy Junk! Here, you’ll find burgers, Tex-Mex, pizza, sweets, and more! Try their Anaheim Chili-Pepper “burger,” fish tacos made from the company’s secret veg blend, or a chez pizza slice.


Thuyen Vien is an all-vegetarian option for those who can’t get enough Vietnamese food. Enjoy egg rolls, jicama rolls, an energy bowl, and pho with soy chicken, soy beef, or mixed veggies. At the Gypsy Den Cafe and Bar you’ll be surrounded by a bohemian vibe while dining on gypsy nachos, a vegan quesadilla, mac and cheese, or house fries.

Veg is Easy in SoCal

Kareem’s Restaurant is a laidback eatery known for having some of the best falafel in town. At Vegan Pizza you know exactly what you’re getting but will be shocked by the unique toppings and decadent crusts. Pizza, pasta, calzones, and sides are all available. Try the Mexican pizza, Veggie Delight, Greek pizza or Classic Margherita. Indian pizza, Mediterranean pizza and the Spicy Thai are also sure to delight. Where’s your next slice coming from?