Disneyland not only has a theme park with a plethora of sites and attractions but it also has a downtown district with numerous restaurants and shops to choose from. Because the district is only a few meters from the amusement park, visitors need not pay for an entrance fee to dine and shop the Disney way!


Shop all you want in Downtown District’s variety of stores for all your clothes, toys and souvenirs!

1. Curl Surf

If you want to beat the heat in Disneyland but do not have the clothes to do so, you can buy some summer apparel and sandals in Curl Surf. This store sells surf-inspired accessories, clothes, sunglasses and more.

2. Disney Home

Disney Home is a home-decor shop that specializes in selling curated Disney-inspired glassware, mugs, ornaments, picture frames and other items. You can purchase gifts and souvenirs for your home and your loved ones in this store.


3. The LEGO® Store

Fans of LEGO are sure to have a great time in The LEGO® Store as they go through shelves of LEGO toys and life-size LEGO statues. Visitors get to choose the bricks they want to buy within the store’s bountiful collection with different colors and shapes so they could build anything they want.

Restaurants and Entertainment

All that shopping would certainly give you a big appetite! You will never be hungry in Disney’s Downtown District because of its variety of restaurants to choose from. Here are some of the many restaurants you can visit:

1. Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen

If you want to dine while listening to live jazz music, then this is the restaurant for you. You can order a variety of uncommon dishes such as banana foster french toast, French quarter salad, blackened mac ‘n cheese and many others!

2. Catal Restaurant

For Mediterranean food lovers, Catal Restaurant serves different Mediterranean dishes like crispy pork belly, lobster paella and ahi bruschetta. This restaurant also has a variety of steaks, salads and seafood to choose from.

3. Earl of Sandwich

Grab a quick bite at Earl of Sandwich if you want to have more time to roam around the district. This restaurant specializes in sandwiches like the chicken chipotle sandwich and the holiday turkey, as well as nutritious salads like Caesar salad.

When you plan to visit Disneyland, make sure to stop by some of these stores and restaurants so you can dine and shop the Disney way!