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Top Five Golf Spots in Anaheim

GolfSome just can’t get enough of their golf fix. If you are that type or if you just want to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, we have the top five golf spots in the Anaheim area for you

  1. Tustin Ranch Golf Club
  2. Anaheim Hills Golf Course
  3. Coyote Hills Golf Course
  4. River View Golf
  5. Golfers Paradise

Take your pick, you are sure to have a great time and enjoy the amazing views that surround you. Tustin Ranch and Anaheim Hills are both known as more difficult courses but still fun for the whole crew. Both offer amazing views with some deadly holes. The elevation changes on each course offer more challenging shots from both fairways and elevated tee boxes. One of the more interesting courses in Orange County is Coyote Hills. With amazing views, you play right through a canyon which makes your golf game like never before. River View is a great course for beginners. The carts at this course have GPS which help you gauge the distance to each hole. If you just want a chance to hit a few practice shots, Golfers Paradise is the place to go. With both driving ranges and putting greens, you can practice your heart out.

So call your buddies, grab your clubs and head out to enjoy a leisurely afternoon on the greens. You will be glad you did.