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The Ultimate Guide: Visit Orange County on a Budget!

Orange County offers many cool things to do. You can stroll to the theme parks, eat in great restaurants, have luxurious shopping, enjoy entertainment and have a beach-bound adventure! But wait, not everyone can afford the luxurious offerings that Orange County has. That is why what I have here are the budget-friendly things that you can do in this area. Check it out! 

Enjoy Huntington Beach’s Scenic Beauty While Biking

Try biking at the beautiful Huntington Beach! This beach has this cool-kid vibe that will make you feel at ease and relaxed! If you do not have your own bike, you can just rent one from many bike shops downtown. The beach’s bike path extends from Newport Beach on the south side to Sunset Beach on the north side. Have fun biking at Huntington Beach! 

A Budget-friendly Hiking For The Whole Family

Go for a hike at Dana Point Headlands Trail. This hike is guaranteed to be easy and it has amazing ocean views. It is better to come here in the springtime because you can see flowers blooming! How lovely is that? You can also walk in a sea cave that is underneath the Headlands Trail. And because the hike is easy, you can bring your kids, if you have one. Just make sure to wear supportive water sandals because the end of the hike is a little rocky. 


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Don’t Forget To Visit Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano is known to be one of the cheapest attractions in Orange County. It is a Historical Landmark, Chapel, Museum and Gardens! You can definitely learn a lot of California’s history here. Spending a half-day roaming around the area and taking a lot of photos is a must. Mission San Juan Capistrano is something the whole family can enjoy for a very affordable price. 


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