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Take the Boudin Bakery Tour

A tour to see fascinating attractions is not the only thing that you can do when you are in Disneyland. After experiencing fantastic rides and shopping for collectibles, a tour to a bakery in Disneyland is totally a must. Do not expect it to be an ordinary bakery! Boudin Bakery has been making delicious bread for more than a century.

Boudin Bakery

Boudin Bakery originated in San Francisco and it is the oldest business in the city to serve us their quality breads daily. Their specialty, the sourdough bread, is very popular worldwide. Boudin Bakery included in their menu a list of bread such as the rustic bread, savory and sweet bread types. The bakery continues to serve their original San Francisco sourdough while improving it to make a bread that is perfect for the taste of modern society.

Boudin Bakery Tour in Disneyland

Boudin Bakery in Disneyland is a replica of the original Boudin Bakery of San Francisco. But rest assured that the bread quality and service that you experienced in San Francisco is as awesome as it is in Disneyland. During the tour, you will see how Boudin Bakery makes their bread with the help of modern technology in order to produce enough bread for their hundreds of customers every day!

Join the Tour!

If you are interested in bread-making then this tour is extremely recommended for an informative experience. The Boudin Bakery Tour is open to everyone! You may enjoy a tour with your family or friends and see how your favorite breads are made. It is also accessible for persons with disabilities. Make the most of it in Disneyland or you may purchase some to take home.