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Sunset Beach

Directly west of Anaheim is Sunset Beach, a part of Huntington Beach established in 1905. Compared to the famed nearby beaches, Sunset offers less crowds but packs just as much beauty. It’s a short drive from your Anaheim hotel, and officially became annexed to Huntington Beach in 2011.

Quiet, low-key, and well maintained, it’s a favorite for locals who know better than to head straight to the touristy hot spots. You’ll find miles of vacant sand, particularly during the off-season, and plenty of peace and quiet to sunbathe, read a beach book, or explore. Parking is open to the public, although some locals offer their driveways or garages (for a fee) during busy times.

California Dreaming

Sunset Beach isn’t as accessible via highways as many of its famous counterparts, which helps keep it serene. You’ll often spy locals here surfing, strolling, and making the most of the Golden Coast. Surfers who are in the know head here early in the morning and often clear out by 11 a.m., which means you can find ample free parking during lunch time.

If you’re looking to get away, check out this little gem. Sandra Bullock owns a beach house along the three official miles of Sunset (before it segues into Huntington). It’s such a little-known stretch of the Pacific not even star power can cause a rush. Experience California as it was meant to be.