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Stay Safe at Disneyland

The two most important things that everyone should remember when going to Disneyland are to have fun and experience as many attractions as possible. But for you and your family to try everything the park has to offer, you must always remember these tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Have a Designated Meeting Spot

Since Disneyland is a 34-hectare park with about 60 rides and attractions, anyone can easily get lost. To avoid this, you and your loved ones should each have a map so you can disperse into pairs.

Before you decide to go your separate ways, you should first be able to identify when and where you will be meeting after trying out all the activities.

Bring Identification Documents for your Children

Parents who have children below 18 years old should bring some form of identification containing all necessary information such as name, emergency contact number, medical conditions, etc.

Each child should have their identification card or document pinned inside their clothes or worn around their necks. This is to ensure that when you lose sight of your children, they can approach the security personnel and show them your contact information.

Keep Your Valuables Close

Although Disneyland is a family-friendly amusement park, there are still some visitors who do not follow regulations. Because of its large crowds there are still some cases of stolen items in the park.


You must keep important items such as cellphones, wallets and identification documents as close as possible. Here are some ways to avoid becoming a victim to pickpocketers:

  • Never put valuables inside your pocket.
  • Keep your bags in front of you when you are walking through dense crowds.
  • Place important items inside a theft-proof bag, if you have one.

Stay Cool and Hydrated

If you are spending your day outdoors in Disneyland, you are exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays. You should make sure to apply sunscreen and drink cold water as often as possible. These precautions would help prevent sunburn and keep you cool and hydrated throughout the day.

You should remember all these safety tips so that you and your family can have the ultimate Disneyland experience!