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September Finds at Anaheim GardenWalk

Anaheim GardenWalk is where you would want to use your money on dining and shopping. There are a lot of unique shops, restaurants and other entertainment activities that you would encounter when you visit this place. Most of the places that we listed on our previous posts will be found here in the Anaheim GardenWalk.

Art on Walk

While you are deciding where to dine at, enjoy walking around Anaheim GardenWalk to see inspiring artworks displayed within its premises. Anaheim GardenWalk has an Art on the Work program participated in by more than 30 gifted artists. Their artworks are being displayed in Anaheim. Enjoy viewing their work in the form of mural paintings, art installations and art in windows. Selling events at Anaheim GardenWalk gives an opportunity for all artists to sell their work and for you to buy them.

September Special Deals at GardenWalk

Anaheim GardenWalk will not let you go empty-handed. That is why September Special Deals are here to offer great discounts on different finds! Stroll around Anaheim GardenWalk bars and restaurants to know the deals they have in store for you. Your favorite cuisine might be on sale by the time you visit.

Fun Time STC at GardenWalk

Get more deals this September during the Fun Time STC at GardenWalk. Cha Plus “Modern Tea Room” just opened in Anaheim GardenWalk. They are now ready to serve you with their signature tea drink! There is more from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co as well. Get discounts on their products and try their newly launched drink, the New Jenny’s blonde ale.

There is still more to find when you stroll around Anaheim GardenWalk. Do not forget to keep your parking tickets to join the STC Anaheim GardenWalk Park-A-Thon event and win cash prizes!