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More Beaches Near Disneyland

You will never have enough of the wonderful beaches that you will find near Anaheim. These beaches offer different amenities, and you will surely love them all. When you visit California, this is a list of beaches that you must add to your must-visit beaches during your vacation.

Corona del Mar State Beach

Visit this world-famous beach, the Corona del Mar State Beach, for an enjoyable swimming experience. This beach is famous, and many tourists visit Corona del Mar State Beach for its beautiful views. This is also the ideal place where you can have fun with exciting activities such as rock-climbing at bay entry and playing beach volleyball. Have a relaxed conversation with your friends while sitting around one of the fire pits that you will find in many places on the beach.

Main Beach in Laguna

Explore the Main Beach where you can not only have fun swimming, but also enjoy playing sports such as Volleyball on the sand and basketball if you opt to do sports away from the sand. The beach offers other exciting activities where you can bring your family or friends to go surfing, diving and skimboarding. Many tourists love it for it is being well-maintained and they also keep the beach free from seaweeds.

Mother’s Beach

Bring the whole family to learn kayaking and paddleboarding at Mother’s Beach. While you are having fun swimming in the water, your children may have fun playing at the playground or play with sand toys. Mother’s Beach is recommended for family vacations. They also have picnic facilities where you can sit and eat. If you need more food, you can buy them at the available food stands at the beach.

City Beach in Long Beach

City Beach in Long Beach has a long boardwalk where you will have a safe and fun biking or running experience. The weather is perfect for flying kites that is why many people go to City Beach to fly kites. Other visitors sit at the beach, feeling relaxed while feeling the breeze and watch the kites decorating the skies of City Beach. It is also a nice beach to swim, but make sure that you check its water condition by asking the lifeguards before dipping into the water.

Bay Shore Beach

If you are looking for a beach where you can enjoy roller sports, we recommend that you visit Bay Shore Beach. Bay Shore Beach offers activities that are perfect for everyone. This beach is popular during summer for its various activities in the water and off the sand. There are designated areas for swimming such as leisure swimming and advanced swimming. During summer, roller-skaters, skateboarders and roller-bladers can have fun at Bay Shore Avenue.