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Korean Fare in Anaheim

It’s never quite sweater weather for most in Anaheim, but with a fall crispness in the air sometimes only a traditional Korean BBQ will do for dinner. Luckily, Anaheim is full of tabletop grilling options, like the Incheonwon BBQ. Named after the famous district in Seoul where the U.S. military is based, you’ll find a generous menu of protein picks you grill yourself along with complimentary all you can eat sides.

Try Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong for another table barbequing option. From marinated chicken to the famous kalbi, include a little kimchi and garlic on the grill too for some extra bite. Seafood pancakes, fresh melons for dessert, and perhaps a bottle of soju to share with the table make this restaurant a favorite for locals.

A Group Outing

Korean BBQ is best with a group, so if you’re in Anaheim for business it’s a fantastic pick for a team outing. Cham Sut Gol is a popular all you can eat buffet where the sides are non-stop and you can choose from a rich variety of barbeque options. Japchae (spicy pork) and fresh seafood from the Pacific? That’s a recipe for a delectable dinner.

Han Yang specializes in Korean comfort food from the hearty stews to the fried or baked dumplings. Here, you’ll be treated like family as the impressive menus will tempt you for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Which will you explore first?