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Hollywood Tours You Can’t Resist

Taking a tour of Hollywood, Los Angeles and other areas near Anaheim are nearly a requirement in southern California! There’s no better way to see the best sites, spot all the well-known landmarks, and better the odds of a celebrity sighting. However, with so many tours and tour companies at the ready, how do you know which one to pick? Start by checking out options at Starline Tours, Access Hollywood Tours and Ultimate Hollywood Tours, the biggest and most popular.

However, don’t forget about some of the boutique companies and niche tours. The Felix in Hollywood Tour Company offers premium customer service and the option to personalize your tour. Hollywood Dream Tours is owned and operated by locals who know all the ins and outs of LA.

Tour Time

There are also Hollywoodland Tours, Red Line Tours and TMZ Tours. See southern California with a brand new perspective on one of the many bike tours. ‘Tis the season for special tours, including holiday themes like haunted Hollywood, Christmas tours, and pit stops at some of the most fascinating seasonal lights around town.

Whether you choose guided or self-guided, double decker buses or open topped vans, bike tours or hiking tours, there’s no better way to explore the glitz, glamour and natural beauty than on a top tier tour.