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Your Healthy Options in Anaheim

Eating healthy is one step closer to leading a happy life. Eating right helps to prevent getting diseases and keep you in shape. Find these restaurants in Anaheim where you can have your favorite Vegan dishes. Stay healthy even when you are traveling!

Kareem’s Falafel

Have a healthy eating habit with Kareem’s Falafel! Kareem’s Falafel is located on Brookhurst Street in Anaheim. This vegan restaurant serves fantastic vegan dishes made from wholesome ingredients. Their Greens menu includes Fattoush Salad that contains Romaine, Tomato, Cabbage, Cucumber, Olive Oil and Lemon Juice, Lettuce, Onion topped with Fried Pita. It is recommended that you try their most popular Plant-based dish, the Plantbasedfatkid.


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Healthy Junk

Dine-in at Healthy Junk, one of the restaurants that serve the healthiest junks in town! Indulge in their Mighty Kale Salad Bowl from their Salad Bowls menu. It contains Quinoa topped with Fresh Mango. The other Salad Bowl dish is called Long Live Caesar Salad Bowl that has Romains and Avocado, topped with their home-made Crispy Croutons and Caesar Nutty Chez.


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Thuyền Viên Vegetarian Restaurant

Thuyền Viên Vegetarian Restaurant brings authentic Vietnamese cuisine to Anaheim! Their dishes will let you experience and taste the Asian style of Vegan dishes. You must try their Salad menu that includes Goi Ga Bap Chuoi or the Vietnamese Banana Flower Salad with chicken. If you want a Salad that does not contain any meat, you can try their Xa Lach Tron or Garden Green Salad with fresh Lettuce, sliced Apples and Avocado chunks.