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Halloween Costumes

Halloween CostumesOur top five fast and easy, not to mention clever, Halloween costumes. These are designed for the procrastinator in you.

  1. Deviled Egg: Draw a big yellow circle, or cut out a yellow circle from a piece of yellow construction paper or poster board and tape it on the front of a white t-shirt. Now you just need a pair of horns and a pitchfork.
  2. Cereal Killer: We are all about comfort. Wear whatever makes you happy. Strap an empty cereal box to your stomach and carry around a toy knife.
  3. Quarter Pounder: Have a quarter? Have a hammer? This is the ultimate thoughtless, non-costume costume.
  4. Medusa: Ladies, wear your most comfortable all black or all white outfit. Throw your hair up in a bun. On your way to the party, stop by the nearest toy store, Walmart or Target and buy a few toy snakes. Use bobby pins to secure them in your hair at a red light . You won’t even be late to the party!
  5. Refrigerator Magnet: Spray paint a box black. Use any box, any size. It can be a cereal box, a shipping box, it doesn’t matter. Wear any outfit you choose and secure the box to your back. Comfortable and clever.