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Fun Facts About Anaheim That You Didn’t Know

Aside from its famous amusement parks and beautiful city scape, Anaheim is full of interesting facts for tourists to explore. From the biggest employer in Anaheim to its notable residents that lived in this neighborhood, the city never fails to amaze those who visit.

Why “Anaheim”

The city of Anaheim is named after a combination of two words, Ana, from the nearby Santa Ana River and the German equivalent of home, heim. The first settlers of Anaheim were 50 German-Americans who were residents of San Francisco.

Disneyland Is The Top Employer

According to the city’s 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Disneyland Resort employs 31,000 employees. This is much higher than the Kaiser Foundation Hospital with only 6,000 employees.

Anaheim Convention Center is Famous

The convention center has hosted big events from NBA games, the 1984 Summer Olympics to anime expos and conventions.  It was also a filming location for Star Trek: Picard and Jean-Luc Picard made an appearance in the show.

Anaheim Hills and its Notable Residents

Much like the Anaheim Convention Center, the community of Anaheim hills is home to famous sports and entertainment celebrities. Olympic Gold Medalist, Courtney Mathewson, Danielle Fishel and many others lived there. Even the creator of SpongeBob, Stephen Hillenburg grew up in Anaheim.

A Park and a Street was Named After Helena Modjeska

Helena Modjeska, A renowned Polish actress known for her Shakespearean and tragic roles, lived with her husband in Anaheim and became good friends with Clementine Lagenberger. Helena Street and Clementine Street was named after these two ladies. Modjeska Park in west Anaheim was also named after her.

Anaheim is the Home Base of Carl’s Jr.

Carl Karcher, Carl’s Jr.’s owner lived at Anaheim where they opened their first restaurant Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue, now Carl’s Jr. He resided in a house next door with his wife and 12 children during its first years of operation.

Surely, Anaheim could be the second Hollywood because of its famous residents and the convention center that host popular events.