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Exodus Escape Room


Do you have the skills and nerve to get out of an Exodus Escape Room in time? This fun, group event demands critical thinking skills, teamwork, and plenty of bravery. Choose from three rooms, grab a date or your favorite group, and get a unique thrill this haunting season at Anaheim’s biggest challenge yet. Book online, and if you want to get in on Halloween, book early!

Exodus, the namesake room, is where you’ll find a pharaoh who’s out to get you. Can you work as a team and put together a plan lead by clues to get out in time? Perfect for smaller groups of 2 – 4 people, you can take on this room with just one other person. What better way to bond?

One Room, One Hour

Masquerade Manor places you in a stunning party, but there are clues to be uncovered. Not everything is as it seems, and you’ll have to comb through physical objects to find your way out. Rated as “hard difficulty,” it’s for groups of 4 – 8 and provides plenty of thrills that will keep you on your toes until the party ends.

Sherlock’s Study is customizable for groups of 2 – 8, but you’ll need your best investigational skills to make it out. Everything appears chaotic, but there are clues peppered throughout. Partner up with Holmes to undo a mystery like no other.