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Every Day is Taco Tuesday in Anaheim!

It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday, Saturday, Wednesday or, of course, Tuesday. Every day can be Taco Tuesday in Anaheim, where some of the best, most authentic Mexican food is available (often times 24 hours a day!). Take a taco tour and choose your favorite. Start the journey at the Little Caboose Taco Shop where cheap eats, cold drinks, and unlimited tacos are offered. Next up is Taco Boy, open at 8am for early birds or anyone who knows tacos are for more than just lunch and dinner.

Chronic Tacos lets you build your own tacos so if you don’t want sour cream, love extra guac, or want to mix chicken with steak, your wish is their command. Rubio’s is a local chain famous for fish tacos, breakfast tacos, and every other kind of taco in between.


Close to the Border

Taco Jr’s is a favorite for college students, located on State College Boulevard and opens at 9am for unique breakfast taco options. Wahoo’s Fish Tacos has a Brazilian and Asian twist. When it comes to Mexican street food, Anaheim is the next best thing to crossing the border.

Head to Taco San Pedro for “hole in the wall” done right, or Tacos Xalos for fresh eats the college students love. Which taco is going to be your new amore?