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Can You Solve the Mystery at the Dinner Detective Mystery Show?

Join the biggest interactive award-winning murder mystery dinner in the country during your Anaheim stay! Both public and private shows are available around the US, but Southern California remains one of the most popular comedic-seasoned of all. Stories are always set in the present day, unlike your parents’ murder mystery shows. There aren’t any goofy costumes, bad dialogue, or cheesy songs. Performers look just like you—so you can’t tell who’s part of the show and who’s along for the ride.

Many times, guests are seated right with performers. All seems to be going swimmingly, until someone at your table dies! Don’t worry, the on-site detectives are at the ready to interview everyone, find clues, and solve the mystery. If you’re one of the Top Sleuths, you’ll get a prize at the end of the night, but everyone walks away with some great memories.


Whodunnit at Dinner

The price is $59.95 per person, and tickets can be reserved online or by calling 866-496-0535. Located at 1325 East Dyer Road in Santa Ana, your murder mystery dinner is a short drive away and reservations (ahem, tickets) are readily available in advance. Why not plan for your next Southern California expedition to have a little mystery, a little intrigue, and maybe even a death or two?

Ask your local front desk staff for help with reservations, and prepare for the most exciting dinner of your life!