Top Restaurants in Hawthorne, Lawndale, California

Lawndale, California is located in Los Angeles. Lawndale was part of El Rancho Sausal Redondo: it is land given by the Spanish Colonial Government from 1780’s onward. There are lots of things to enjoy in Lawndale: you can hike, golf and dive. Aside from that, Lawndale also has many restaurants and cafes and here are some of them:

Loaded Cafe Restaurants

If you are looking for some authentic, tasteful and at the same time affordable meals, you must visit Loaded Kitchen Café. This Café first opened in 2010 and because of its great tasteful meals, the Café eventually became a restaurant. This restaurant is always packed with people on a daily basis and the lines are expected to be long. However, I assure you that your wait will not be in vain.


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Pacific Rim Thai Kitchen

Pacific Rim Thai Kitchen, this restaurant is perfect for those who are health conscious. Once you dine, you will be pleased with the restaurant’s menu which includes a number of nutritious and fresh items. The said restaurant is also kid-friendly. So, after strolling and exploring around, why not visit this restaurant.

Saigon Dish

Saigon Dish Restaurant was created in 2003 because of the desire of the owner to introduce Vietnamese food to everyone. If you cannot go to Vietnam, then this restaurant will bring you there. The restaurant offers traditional and delicious dishes using high-quality meat, chicken and of course fresh ingredients that you less expected. Now, go hurry and visit this place!