Things to Consider Before Bringing Your Furry Friends Hiking

It is indeed a bit lonely if you hike all by yourself that is why taking a dog to accompany you would be great! They are excellent hiking buddies and the good thing is that Los Angeles is home to hundreds of fur-friendly trails. But before you and your dog go hiking, remember that there should be the right planning and preparation for it. Here listed below are the things that you should consider. 

Health, Fitness and Age

If you are planning to hit the trail with your dog, you should consider your dog’s fitness level. If your daily walks just consist of strolling around the blocks then a mile hike or challenging terrain is not the best first day out on the trails. Check with your veterinarian to see if your dog’s health is good to hit the trail. 


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Hot Weather

Dogs are more prone to heatstroke than humans. Especially for those dogs who are not used to big hikes during hot weather. You should probably choose a time of day that is appropriate for hiking with your dog in terms of temperature. Test the ground with your thumb and if it is too hot then it is too hot for your dog’s paw and no matter what the weather is, do not forget to bring plenty of water for your furry friend. 


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On all trails and at all times, dogs are required to be on a leash. Keeping your dog on a leash not only respects other hikers but also protects your dog from unexpected dangers like poison oak, rattlesnakes or sick and injured wildlife. A leash with a sturdy collar and ID tags will prevent your dog from getting lost and take note, your dog needs to stay calm as horses or other dogs pass by. Please keep in mind that not everybody you meet on the trail wants to meet your dog.