Shopping in Lawndale

Want to buy something? If you are looking for shopping centers in Lawndale, you will find many of them when you explore the city. Take your time visiting all these shopping destinations and shop for wonderful apparel, accessories, and gadgets! Browse each shop’s collections and pick what interests you the most.

Oceangate Commerce Center

Visit the Oceangate Commerce Center located on South Ocean Gate Avenue in Hawthorne. Explore your favorite shop or sit and relax at Oceangate Commerce Center’s coffee shops. Oceangate Commerce Center also offers dining options where you can dine once you are done shopping. Shop for some apparel for yourself and your family. Avail of this shopping mall’s great deals and prices for a more fun shopping experience. 


Target is also in Hawthorne! It is located on West 120th Street in Hawthorne. Target has many branches all over the country. If you are looking for a shop to buy your necessities, you can find most of them in Target. Target in Hawthorne has a clinic and pharmacy for your medical needs. It also has fresh groceries and a cafe-pizza if you want to have a quick meal. Alcoholic drinks are also sold in Target if you want to grab a bottle or two.  


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South Bay Galleria

Explore South Bay Galleria is located on Hawthorne Boulevard in Redondo Beach. If you are looking for a place to hang out for a bit, South Bay Galleria offers a venue where you and your friends can dine at and watch movies. South Bay Galleria has a nice movie theatre where you can watch movies that you and your friends are looking forward to. When you walk around the mall, you will find many restaurants and boutiques where you can shop for premium items.