Places to visit while staying in Hawthorne

Hawthorne is a city in southern Los Angeles County with a population of roughly 85,000 people. It is just a few minutes’ drive inland from several of the area’s most stunning beaches and coastal towns. This place makes it a good choice for beachgoers and sunbathers who may not want to pay the expensive tourist rates at hotels a few kilometers far.

Continental Gourmet Market

Continental Gourmet Market focuses on cuisine from Argentina, Chile and Peru. They also have a thriving catering business and provide a wide selection of takeout selections such as gourmet sandwiches, homemade soup and traditional South American BBQ. Alton Brown traveled around the country on his motorcycle to experience the empanadas.


Azucanela is a coffee shop, bakery and typical café all combined into one. The restaurant is located on Inglewood Drive in Hawthorne, Los Angeles. It is decorated in a classic Latin American style, creating a sophisticated and vibrant atmosphere.


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Beach Boys Monument

In Hawthorne, California, the Beach Boys got their start. The modest Wilson home in which the band’s founders did grow up formerly stood. The designated California Historical Landmark would take most tourists no more than a half-hour to explore. Whether you are seeking a unique slice of American pop culture, it is worth having a look.


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