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With an estimated 39 million people living within its borders, California is considered the most populated state in the United States. And having this large population, it is already expected that there will be a diverse group when it comes to religion. And here are just some of the churches that you can find in this state. One of these might be the one you are part of. 

The Renew Church

The largest religious group in California is the Protestants. About 32 % of the state’s population is part of this religious organization. The Renew Church LA is a multi-ethnic, vibrant and all-in community where everyone is welcome. Especially during this season, everyone is invited to become part of this community. 


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The Serra Chapel

In the whole of the United States, Catholics still have the largest numbers when it comes to religion. The Catholic faith has been part of California for about 250 years and still has been growing over the years. The most notable church in this state is the Serra Chapel that is located in San Juan Capistrano that was built in 1776. 

The UU Church

The UU Church was built of spiritual openness, inclusive welcoming and social justice practice. They believe that wisdom speaks from many sources such as modern poetry, ancient scriptures, arts and science. They seek insight from a variety of sources including their own life experiences; they strive to live in righteousness with one another for a greater and healthy world.