Live Out Your Cocktail Fantasies In L.A.

Los Angeles is known for being cool and on trend, and that extends even to the bars – here’s the hottest and most fun for you to visit while you’re in town!

Live Out Your Cocktail Fantasies In L.A.

Tiki Ti

Who doesn’t love a good tiki bar?  Tiki Ti takes the concept a step further by adding a tradition to nearly every drink on the menu – for instance, order the Ooga Booga and everyone chants during the pour.  The place is small, so you’ll likely be forced to stand, but it’s well worth it – and their extensive menu means you could visit every day for months without having to repeat a drink!

Bigfoot Lodge

For those who wish to be ski bunnies without having to actually ski, Bigfoot Lodge can make dreams come true.  The bar falls into an apres-ski theme, with log walls and plenty of lumberjack-style decor.  The drinks are all designed to warm you up after a long day on the slopes – or cool you off after a long day in Hollywood.


You don’t normally need to know about two tiki bars, but Lono is definitely worth mentioning.  The bar is more spacious and a bit more upscale in decor than Tiki Ti, but they don’t water down their drinks.  Go with friends and Release The Kraken by getting the punch bowl that includes an entire bottle of Grey Goose to balance the bright and tropical flavors.  By the time you’re done, you’ll certainly feel like you could battle a mythological sea creature!

Enjoy delicious cocktails at great bars in Los Angeles!