Highly Recommended Community Parks to Visit in Hawthorne

The city of Hawthorne was founded in 1905 and just like the other parts of Los Angeles, Hawthorne has a Mediterranean climate. There are various things that you can do in Hawthorne, you can do sightseeing, enjoy the nightlife, go to museums and the list goes on. What I have here are some of the parks that might catch your interest. 

Polliwog Park

Polliwog Park is a large and lovely park that is located in the South Bay area. Its main attraction is the large pond bordered on one side by a natural wildlife refuge. This wildlife refuge is home to migratory birds and occasional opossum and raccoon. The property of Polliwog Park belongs to the Manhattan Beach Unified School District and is leased to the City. 

Rudolph Park

Rudolph Park is a park good for community gatherings. It has shaded areas, an amphitheater, picnic tables and of course restrooms. This Park has a large playground that has an artificial stream decorated with hand-made mosaics. Has climbing and umbrella shade structures, climbing nets for all ages and embankment slides. If you are planning for a reunion or family get-togethers, Rudolph Park is highly suggested. 


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Alondra Community Regional Park

Alondra Community Regional Park is the largest park nearest to the coast and the seaside cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. This 53-acre park is set around a gorgeous urban lake and features a wooded rural scenery and grassland environment. I assure you that there are just lots of things you can do and enjoy here in Alondra. It is really a must-visit! 


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