Feeling Japanese in Lawndale

Are you craving some Japanese cuisine? We found the best Japanese restaurants in Lawndale that are highly recommended to satisfy your cravings! Explore the city of Lawndale to experience and indulging in delicious Japanese dishes.

Kasai Teriyaki Bowl

You will find Kasai Teriyaki Bowl when you walk across Hawthorne Boulevard #B. Their specialties are Japanese bowl dishes served in different flavors such as Chicken Bowl, Beef Bowl, Chicken Avocado, Beef and Chicken, Chicken and Fries, Chicken and Vege, Chicken and Shrimp and Steam Vege Bowl. Kasai Teriyaki Bowl also serves Combinations such as Chicken Vege Combination and Chicken Avocado and Vege.


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369 Ramen and Poke

Have a taste of fantastic Japanese cuisine at 369 Ramen and Poke. They are located on Inglewood Avenue STE in Redondo Beach. 369 Ramen and Poke serve Ramen in different styles such as Vegetable Ramen, Wonton Ramen, Koi Ramen, Ko-Ryu Ramen, Garlic Bomb Ramen, Tsuke Ramen, Shacho Ramen and Shoyu Ramen. Their Poke Roll menu includes a Small Poke Roll or Sushi Burrito. 369 Ramen and Poke offer you many choices of their specialty dishes to choose from.


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Anyone else get bummed when they’re food is delicious but it doesn’t photograph very well? 😅 No? Just me? 😆 This pokè bowl from @369ramenpoke999 in Moreno Valley was divine! The fish was so fresh, the toppings and sauces were great, and so were the portions. I decided to try it over lettuce instead of rice and it was soooo good. Oh, they have ramen too- cause why not do two delicious things well? The black garlic oil ramen was so flavorful and the broth was 👌🔥. It’s their grand opening so definitely go show them some love! . . . . . #ieeats #inlandempireeats #369ramenandpoke #369 #morenovalley #riverside #redlands #colton #inlandempire #ramen #blackgarlicoil #marinatedegg #bambooshoots #noodles #poke #salmon #tuna #spicysalmon #spicymayo #lettuce #pokebowl #eelsauce #seaweed #eatstagram #eatingfortheinsta #iefoodie #socaleats #fansforyourbrand #billsinyourtill #restaurantvictory

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Rice Things

Dine-in at Rice Things for another authentic Japanese cuisine experience! Rice Things is in Redondo Beach and specializes in serving Sushi. When you visit Rice Things, we recommend that you try their Avocado Roll, Spicy California Sushi Roll, Vegetable Roll, Cucumber Roll, Crunchy Sushi Roll and Vege Crunchy Sushi Roll. Rice Things also have available Poke Bowl with fresh Sashimi. Their Curry Plate with Rice Things’ original vegetable-based curry sauce is a must-try!


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Their favorite place to go for dinner! #wattsyourstory #wattsyourpurpose #sushi #ricethings #californiaroll #yumyum #boymom #lovemysons

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