Everything about Lawndale

The Civic Association of Lawndale was created in 1939 and oversaw various neighbourhood developments. This association is recognized as a significant milestone in the community’s growth. In 1945, August Reiss founded the Businessman’s Group within the Civic Association to promote the area’s commercial and industrial advantages. In 1948, the Chamber of Commerce was set up as a powerful advocate for the general public’s concerns.

Its animal controls

The Animal Control Division of the City of Lawndale was established in 1998 to offer the community high-quality animal care and control. They have been working to raise public awareness about proper pet ownership and aid locals with animal-related concerns.

Its brief history

The Lawndale Civic Association was set up in 1939 and was accountable for several local improvements. This association is one of the most crucial stages in the community’s development. August Reiss established the Businessman’s Group of the Civic Association in 1945 to promote the area’s economic and industrial benefits. In 1948, the Chamber of Commerce was set up as a powerful advocate for the demands of the general public.


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Its clean-up effort

Apart from concrete, building materials, big appliances or hazardous debris, bulky items will be collected curb side on your assigned trash days throughout Lawndale’s Clean-Up Week. The Town’s Municipal Yard, found at 4722 Manhattan Beach Blvd. They are available from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Clean-Up Day. until 2:00 p.m.