Día de Muertos in Lawndale

Do you have plans ready for Halloween? A lot of cities have posted some updates about the local celebration of Halloween. Know the Mexican traditions and beliefs as people feast for the Día de Muertos or the day of the dead.

Cultural Display at Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade

On 31st October 2020 until 2nd November 2020, Santa Monica Pier will collaborate with Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. to put up colorful displays in preparation for the upcoming holidays. This year’s display will highlight Día de Muertos, the Mexican way of celebrating Halloween. Art-installations by skillful artists will be displayed at Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade.

What is Día de Muertos?

It is the day set aside to commemorate the death of your loved ones. Día de Muertos is the Spanish term of the day of the dead. In celebration of life and death, people dress up and offer a celebration to their departed loved ones. This type of celebration originated in Mexico and created a deeper and more profound meaning as to why this day is being celebrated.

Culture and Tradition of Día de Muertos

The Mexican celebration of Día de Muertos is the total opposite of how we use to celebrate Halloween. Their celebration is very colorful and lively; they paint skulls on their faces and offer rituals. On modern-day Mexican celebration, families prepare foods and gather to visit the cemetery where their departed loved ones were buried. They light up candles and play lively music.

Día de Muertos in a Disney Film

If you love watching Disney films, Día de Muertos may be a familiar term. Coco, a film that was released in 2017 got its inspiration from this Mexican style of celebrating the Day of the Dead. The movie produced heartwarming tracks and presented their perspective of celebrating Día de Muertos in a really touching film.