Cool and Unusual Spots to Visit in Hawthorne, California

Time will come when you will indeed get tired of doing the usual things. So, what I have right here now are the unusual spots that you can visit in the City of Angels: Hawthorne, California. In this journey, we will explore places that did contribute to California’s rich history. Join me and let us get started! 

LAX Theme Building

LAX Theme Building is a 135-foot building that was completed in 1961. It was once popular across California as it was meant as a symbol of the upcoming Space Age and was planned to be the center of the airport. But things did not go that way, as you look at it, it seems like the combination of a flying saucer and a giant spider. Which makes it certainly unusual. 


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Old Town Music Hall

Going back in time to a Golden Age, just a few miles south of where gold was discovered. This Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo, California has been showing silent and classic movies with live musical support every weekend since 1968. Each event began with Bill Field, the music hall’s owner and performer, presenting a brief history of the venue and its organ, the “Mighty Wurlitzer.”


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Studio Antiques

Studio Antiques may seem normal but no, it is not. The building’s interior from floor to ceiling are dusty relics of the past. You will navigate to its narrow pathways of furniture and display cases that are piled high with every manner. You might even come across an old barber chair; everything in the store is for sale at a very negotiable price, including a ghost town that is listed on eBay. Awesome, right? 


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