Coming Up: Women’s March

Join the march to support women and women’s rights around the world!

Coming Up: Women's March

On January 18th, join the Los Angeles Women’s March, as women and allies join forces for an enormous public display of support.  Women’s March LA invites women and allies of all sizes, colors, shapes, and orientation to join forces as “women rise for justice, rise for equity, and rise in power”.

There are multiple facets to the march, from community artists creating pieces that speak to the core of the movement to various speakers (to be announced soon).  And of course, the signs!  Marchers get creative with signs and slogans, and it’s always a treat to see what’s on people’s minds.  The day is about bringing together people from various backgrounds and social groups on issues that affect everyone.

Wear your comfortable walking shoes, and some sunscreen as you join forces with others – last year, over 2.2 million women marched!  It’s an inspiring way to see the support for half of the United States population.

Break out the markers and make a sign for the Women’s March LA!