Coming Up: Whim-Sea Cabaret

Enjoy an evening of mermaids, music, and humor!

Coming Up: Whim-Sea Cabaret

With performances on August 9th and 10th, this is a comedic, over-the-top show that you are definitely not going to want to miss.  Created by Kat Robichaud and performed by Misfit Cabaret, the play is essentially a version of The Little Mermaid that is certainly not made for kids.  Besides the typical burlesque elements one expects from a cabaret, expect to see influences from vaudeville and circuses.  There will be a sing-a-long, a tourettes-afflicted mermaid, a hula dancer, a pirate, inappropriate puppets, and, of course, the foundation of any good story, a betrayal in the underwater ballroom.  With so many wonderful elements, how could the show not be amazing?

Misfit Cabaret started four years ago in San Francisco and has since made a name for itself in California.  Kat Robichaud has a knack for pulling together a wide variety of seemingly-conflicted elements into a solid storyline full of music and comedy.  Whim-Sea is the cabaret’s L.A. premiere show, and it certainly encompasses the Los Angeles mood.  Eliza Rickman, Frankie Fictitious, and Carnie Asada will all be performing in the show, each bringing their own special skills.

You’ll want to get your tickets right away.  Since the show doesn’t start until 8 PM, consider grabbing dinner before the performance and you’ll certainly want to enjoy a drink afterwards as you reflect on the spectacle with your friends!

Whim-Sea promises to make quite a splash in Los Angeles, so catch it this weekend!