Cheap Eats for Cheaper Adventures

Make the most of your dining experience in Lawndale by grabbing a meal at its cheapest restaurants. Explore the city and try its famous local dishes. You will not only get to taste local dishes but you can also try local versions of different cuisines at these cheap restaurants in Lawndale. Add them to your list to visit in the city!

Inca Gourmet Peruvian Buffet

If you are in Lawndale and craving for authentic and fresh Peruvian food, Inca Gourmet Peruvian Buffet is what you are looking for. From their wide variations of good mouth-watering Peruvian delicacies starting from entree dishes, sides, salads, Peruvian dishes, desserts and fruits, you will battle to decide what you should eat first. With their good quality meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, everyone will surely love it even if you are not a Peruvian. Explore Lawndale and do not forget to stop by and learn more about the flavorful South American food that Inca Gourmet Peruvian Buffet has to offer.


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Pho House

The best and tasty Vietnamese restaurant in town recommended by the locals of Lawndale is Pho House! Providing the people with the authentic taste of Vietnamese foods at a budget-friendly price that can accommodate everyone at the table. Pho House recommends their guests to try their specialties such as Pho of Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Seafood and Oxtail, Spring Rolls, Fried Rice or an ice-cold Passion Fruit Iced Tea which you’ll never regret trying. Stop by at Pho House and enjoy a warm Vietnamese Noodle soup as you dine in.


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El Amigo

Mexican food left a big impact on our hearts but most especially in our tummies. That is why El Amigo exists in this beautiful city of Lawndale. In the presence of craving Mexican Food, El Amigo got your back by offering you wide variations of authentic and mouth-watering Mexican specialties starting with different varieties of quesadillas, tacos, burritos, etc. All at a reasonable price. Also, get a scenic view of the city of Lawndale with El Amigo’s outside seating.