Wonder at These Amazing Spots in Globe

In the 1870s, Globe was founded as a mining camp. Its residents mined for silver but that came to an end before the end of the 19th century and was replaced by more profitable copper mining. Globe is located in the middle of the Tonto Forest Region and is surrounded by some of the great scenery. By this, it became well-known for those who want to enjoy the outdoor life and activities that this place offers.

Gila County Historical Museum

The Gila County Historical Museum- what you will find inside is one of the most impressive libraries that you will ever encounter as the building dates back almost a century. If you want information about any certain subjects, just approach the volunteers around the area. One of the sections that you will spot is the Native American Room with exhibits that are probably a century old including textiles, pottery and basketwork and bead creations.


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Historic Gila County Sheriff’s Office and Jail

Globe is also known for its supernatural inhabitants. You can visit The Old County Sheriff’s Office and jail for experience as many visitors proved that there are indeed spirits living there. Kingsley Olds is one of the stories that you will hear, the story goes that Kingsley drowned two young girls in the Salt River in 1911. He was shot in jail and died but he said before he died that he had seen the ghosts of the two girls. By then it is still believed that they still wander through the building on a regular basis.

The Serenity Room

Exploring the Globe when the weather is hot can be tiring. One way to refresh you after a hard day exploring is to go to the Serenity Room for refreshments! Come and treat yourself to a facial and a massage. You can pick yourself a range of skin treatments and body scrub with additional advice on how to better take care of your skin.