Where To Hike In Globe

Sometimes you want to get out of the house, commune with nature, get fresh air.  There’s no place better for that than Globe, Arizona.  There are amazing trails for all skill levels in the nearby areas, and we’re sharing some of our favorites.

Hiking trails near Globe AZ

Wave Cave

The trail is about an hour outside of Globe, and it’s a fairly easy trail for beginners.  It’s an easy to follow, 3 mile long hike and in the middle, you can wander through a cave to cool off.  Along the path, you’ll see some beautiful wildflowers as well as the stunning wave formations that gave the locale its name.  You should only need about half a day to finish it.

Hieroglyphic Trail

Another 3 mile beginner trail, this provides a different type of reward.  At the end of the trail, you’ll be able to see old Native American petroglyphs and a waterfall to rest at.  Along the way, you’re likely to view various local wildlife and plants.  This is a great trail to take if you’re looking to hike with children.

Cibecue Creek Trail

Cibecue Creek Trail is an intermediate, 3.5 mile trail.  While it’s only a little longer than the aforementioned trails, the path is rockier and steepier, and you have several creek crossings to navigate.  The sight of the waterfall makes it well worth it.

Haystick Butte

Haystack Butte is an advanced 2.5 mile trail with steep ascension.  It’s not very well marked, and has no water sources, so make sure you prepare appropriately in advance.  However, it provides stunning views of Salt River, and the altitude allows you to see far and wide.  If you’re prepared, this trail is well worth the adventure.

Fossil Creek

This one is pretty difficult.  It’s 8 miles round-trip, starting with a steep descent into the canyon.  If you want to see the waterfalls, which are technically off the trail, just add about a mile into your plan – they aren’t far, and they are beautiful to see.  Make sure you pack more supplies than you think you need – better to be overprepared for Fossil Creek.

Arizona has some amazing hike trails and we hope you take advantage of them while you’re here!