Wellness Classes at Gila Community College

Arizona has long been known for being a wellness mecca. In Globe, the local Gila Community College (GCC) offers a variety of no-credit community classes. It’s a great way to meet people, get and stay healthy, and explore a number of wellness classes at an affordable price. Perfect for extended stay guests, there’s no better place to break a sweat than the GCC.

Classes include Hatha Yoga and Pilates 1. Hatha yoga is a foundational practice utilizing traditional asanas (postures). However, it can be modified for yogis of any level. Pilates is a natural complement to yoga and pinpoints the smaller assister muscles for maximum workout with minimal movement.

Get Physical

There’s also Aerobics, Physioball, and Strength and Flexibility Training. Strength training with body weight, free weights, and fixed machines is a vital part of any wellness plan. Power walking and body conditioning are also available. Sign up for one of the hiking classes and get an affordable, expert-led guide to some of the best trails nearby.

All levels are welcome, with both beginner and advanced classes available. You may want to complement your fitness classes with other community classes, from upholstery to theater or welding. GCC is a fantastic place to try out a new hobby, and you just might fall in love with a practice you’ve never tried before.