Visiting Globe? Check out these areas!

Globe, Arizona is a tiny town located about an hour and a half east of the Phoenix metro region. The town was named Globe because of the globe-shaped silver that was found near the town site in the 1800s. Come and let us know what this charming little town has to offer! 

Besh Ba Gowah

Have a chance to walk through the historic structure of Besh-Ba-Gowah! The Salado culture built a pueblo about 700 years ago, which is now part of this Archaeological Park. What you can also find here are climbing ladders that lead you to explore the rooms on the second story. Where you can view the furnishings that would be found in the pueblo during the era. 


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Round Mountain Park

At the end of the town’s South Street from Highway 60 is the Round Mountain Park. This park has five different loops for hiking that range from beginner to expert! Round Mountain Park offers hiking excursions for all levels! If you want, you can go for leisurely walks and jogs as well. Come and enjoy the rocky terrain and long distances of this park! 


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Old Dominion Historic Mine Park

The Old Dominion Historic Park is a former mine. Now it is already transformed into a unique park that is both educational and fun! Visitors of any age are very welcome here. There are old mining artifacts, hiking paths, geology and mining signage, a mining-themed playground and more!


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