The Trails You Should Take in Globe, Arizona

Exploring World on foot through one of the city’s many local trails allows you to discover Arizona’s natural beauty from a whole better perspective! To avoid the heat, go on a hike early in the morning or late at night, and make sure you have the right equipment and reflective apparel. You might want to get out of the house now and then to communicate with nature and get some cool breeze. There seems to be no nicer place than that for Globe, Arizona. There are wonderful paths for all skill levels in the surrounding areas and we’ve shared some of our top choices.

Picketpost Mountain Trail

The Picketpost Mountain Trail is a 4.1-mile out-and-back hike with a moderate difficulty level. A variety of wildflowers can be seen close to Superior. This trail is popular with hikers, runners and dogs are welcome; however, be aware that some parts are steep.


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Cibecue Creek Trail 

The 3.5-mile Cibecue Creek Trail is classified as moderate. The path is rockier and steeper than the previous trails and there are multiple creek crossings to encounter. It is well worthwhile to hike because of the beautiful view of the waterfall.


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Cuff Button Trail 276

The Cibecue Creek Trail is a 3.5-mile moderate trail. Hikers can use WhileCuff Button to draw the line on their map through a rarely visited section of the Superstition Wilderness. Like many other routes in the Superstition area, Cuff Button developed as a road, apparently to operate the numerous, already troughs, tanks, and springs that mark the route. The previous road can still be seen along the trail today. The old Cuff Button road, on the other hand, has been heavily overrun and even difficult to follow due to a lack of attention, its remoteness, and ease of access.