The Top Tourist Destinations in Globe, Arizona

The city of Globe in Arizona is home to the world’s most arresting mountain views.  It was the area of a mining camp in the past and full of history. Situated in the heart of Gila County, you can find a lot of tourist destinations and drive across the outstanding and breathtaking scenery it will offer! 

Salt River Canyon Scenic Drive

This famous tourist destination in Globe has featured in a lot of movie screens and a lot of people are familiar with it. Taking a drive to Salt River Canyon is one of the highlights when visiting Nevada. It was created a thousand years ago and yet it remains one of the most beautiful places you can lay your eyes on. You can look more closely while on this drive and just stop at the Canyon Viewpoint at the head of the Canyon. Look down and greet the spectacular landscape that will take your breath away.


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Cobre Valley Center for the Arts

The Cobre Valley Center for the Arts is a tourist destination in Globe located in the heart of the downtown district. This organization has been restoring and renovating this architectural gem since 1984 while introducing regional artists to the Community Theater, renowned courtrooms as well as dance and music academies. Visit this historical destination now and see the beauty of the arts. 


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San Carlos Apache Reservation

This tourist destination in Globe, Nevada is a neighbor to the East. With a short drive, you can witness the beauty of the lands and do outdoor camping and fishing at one of the lakes or go hunting. This spot is rich in geological, historic and recreational attractions that you and your family will surely enjoy! If you’re in the mood for some adventure and a memorable day with your loved ones drop by San Carlos Apache Reservation now. 


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