The silver piece of the AZ

A globe-shaped chunk of silver discovered near the townsite in the 1800s is said to have inspired the name Globe. Globe’s founding in the 1870s, its mining heyday in the early 1900s, and its current status as a charming town along Arizona’s spectacular Salt River Canyon Scenic Route. Globe is a charming little town approximately an hour and a half east of Phoenix. Globe is a mining town with local art and prehistoric Native American relics, all nestled in a charming small-town setting with a booming regional food scene.

The historic downtown

You’ll notice the “Historic Downtown Globe” sign engraved across an old railroad bridge as you approach Globe. Many of the city’s historic structures can be found walking down Broad Street, the city’s main street. Historic structures include the Gila County Courthouse, Holy Angels Church, and La Luz Del Día Mexican restaurant.


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Authentic Mexican Cuisine for Lunch

El Ranchito, Los Robertos, and La Luz Del Día all serve Mexican cuisine. El Ranchito is known for its traditional Mexican dishes including tamales and green chile enchiladas. Local families own and operate the bulk of the restaurants. Several of them are owned and operated by members of the same family.

Bravo’s Outdoor Dining Experience 

Bravo Americano Moderno reinterprets European classics in a fresh way. The pizza at the restaurant is exceptional, with a perfectly charred crust that is delivered to your table. For a fantastic evening dinner, Bravo’s patio has an outside bar and tables grouped around fire pits.