The must-visit Theodore Roosevelt Lake

Theodore Lake is located in the Valley of the Sun. It is Arizona’s largest lake and it was named after US President Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Lake is also a well-known spot for recreational activities and all the facilities that you can find in this area are all handled by the authority. Come and let us know about this lake! 


The Roosevelt Lake can be spotted in the center of Arizona. It is located between the Sierra Ancha Mountains, the Mazatzal Mountains and the Superstition Mountains in the Tonto Basin’s southern part. The lake can also be seen from several portions of the Tonto National Monument even though it is located a few miles away from the Roosevelt Dam. 

Recreation, wildlife & trails

The common activity that you can try in Roosevelt Lake is, of course, fishing! What you can expect here is a variety of fish such as sunfish, carp, channel catfish and flathead. The nearly extinct Southwestern Willow Flycatcher can also be found here! Aside from those, there are great hiking trails that you can try in the vicinity too! 


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Friendly people & great entertainment

The Roosevelt Lake Marina is a family-owned business. Having a vacation here is not only a must! The people that you are going to meet and encounter around are all accommodating and friendly. Which is really needed if you are vacationing somewhere right? And one more thing that you should also look forward to is the best live entertainment in the area! Go and get your friends to come with you and enjoy! 


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