The Historic District Of Globe

The Globe Downtown Historic District encompasses a group of commercial, religious, and governmental buildings related to the status of Globe as the economic and governmental center of Gila County. Globe was designated as the County Seat of Gila County and grew into the primary economic and commercial center of the Globe mining region. Globe is spilling over with small town appeal, and the historic district is at the heart of it all.

The district also includes three prominent churches and the Globe Post Office and Courthouse, indicative of the area’s being the core of civic life in the community. Primary growth of the community occurred between 1880 and 1935, which is considered the period of significance for the district.

Many of the buildings date to 1900, and you’ll find the most activity on Saturday afternoons. Historic churches crafted with native tufa stone pepper the area, and the vintage movie theater is an homage to the cinematic heyday of the 1950s. A number of visitors, and locals, to Phoenix and other driveable metros head to this quaint sliver of Globe for a getaway.

Dubbed “fun and kitschy” by Trip Advisor reviewers, the historic area provides easy access to Salt River Canyon, the Pinal Mountains and Roosevelt Lake. If you’re looking for a pleasant stroll in a neighborhood rich with character and hometown customer service, nothing compares to the original Globe downtown area.


Don’t be dissuaded by the eclectic array of artsy junk piled outside of the entrance to the Pickle Barrel Trading Post as there’s much better shopping to be had inside of this cavernous secondhand store and antique outpost. Within its rectangular slump block building (which was originally a 1900s-era general store) is a pickers paradise of vintage wares, throwbacks to times past, and other hand-me-downs, as well as a host of Native American art, handmade jewelry, and leather goods.

Gemstones and minerals twinkle and shine throughout the Copper City Rock Shop where rockhounds can spy shelf after shelf of various sparkling substances and specimens that were hewn from the earth. In addition to the titular copper, patrons can peruse such flashy minerals as turquoise, peralta, quartzite, and agates.


Globe and Miami are renowned around the state for its Mexican food, particularly the scrumptious recipes created by the late Salustia Reynoso, a local resident who served up enchiladas and other eats for more than 40 years. Her descendants went on to launch numerous Mexican restaurants in the area – as well as around Arizona – using the very same menu that’s satisfied many a rumbling belly for decades. One of best eatery run by the Reynoso clan is Chalo’s, where the buttery tortillas and mouth-watering burritos are the highlight of the menu.

Another eatery of local lore is Joe’s Broad Street Grill, which has been dishing out mealtime favorites since 1950s. The restaurant has been used in movies (including the 1988 Robert De Niro buddy comedy Midnight Run) and has been a go-to dining spot for Globe residents seeking fresh-cut bacon, crispy hash browns, towering sammies, or other breakfast and lunch standards done right.

Just down the road a bit is the Drift Inn, which is not only the city’s longest-running bar, but also one of the oldest drinkeries in Arizona, period. Originally opened in 1902, it’s currently run by saloon keepers Lisa Brazil and Eileen Townsend, who kept the original tin ceiling tiles but spiced things up by adorning the walls with tastefully nude oil paintings.

Because the trip to Globe/Miami winds through some picturesque sun-drenched scenery, including gorgeous canyons, towering mountains, and a few epic-looking bridges along the way.