The Best Mexican Food Spots Around Globe

Los Robertos Mexican Food

Located 1.5 miles away from the Copper Hills Inn, Los Robertos Mexican Food offers some of Globes best homestyle Mexican food. With over 50 items on the menu, you will find exactly what you have been craving!

Chalo’s Casa Reynoso

Located about 0.6 of a mile away from the Hotel, Chalo’s Casa Reynoso is an easy option for Lunch and dinner. It’s extensive and inexpensive menu makes it easy to go out for a meal without breaking the bank.

Guyao’s on the trail

Guyao’s, located about 5.6 miles from the Copper Hills Inn, is an authentic Mexican restaurant that has been in Globe since 1938! Their menu is Moderately priced, So Guyao’s is the perfect place for a nicer sit-down lunch or dinner.

La Casita Cafe

La Casita Cafe is the place to go if you’re craving Sonoran Style Mexican food. This restaurant, located about 2 miles away from the Copper Hills Inn and has been in Globe since 1947.

El Ranchito

Last but not least; El Ranchito! Located about 2.1 miles away from the hotel, El Ranchito is in the heart of Downtown Globe’s historic district. They have a great, inexpensive menu, great service and a great atmosphere!