Superstition Mountains

Looking for a hauntingly suitable day trip during your October Globe getaway? The nearby Superstition Mountains, nicknamed “The Superstitions” by locals, is just east of the Phoenix area. The large mountain range is popular for hiking, mountain biking and outdoor adventure. Part of the Superstition Wilderness Area, you’ll find a variety of features like Weavers Needle, a landmark favored for rock climbing. There’s also the eroded remains of a volcano, which plays a big part in the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mind legend.

At Peralta Canyon, you’ll find a favorite trail that takes hikers to Fremont Saddle for stunning views of Weavers Needle. There’s also Miner’s Needle, a popular formation that challenges hikers. Like most hiking trails in the area, the mountains have a desert climate with just a few water sources. October is fantastic hiking season, and you can find higher elevations along the western edges of the mountain. Check out Peralta Trailhead for one of the most popular starting points.

Are You Superstitious?

Given its namesake, this destination is busy during the spooky season. However, you’ll find a number of easy to moderate trails at Lost Dutchman State Park. The mountains are flanked by Route 60, 88 and 188, making it convenient to access. Known in Spanish as Sierra de la Espuma, you can gain a maximum of 6,266 feet at this well-known hiking destination.

Prefer something a little gentler? Check out Mound Mountain on the far eastern side for just 1,706 feet in elevation gains. Legend has it that the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine was home to a treasure trove of gold, discovered by Jacob Waltz in the late 1800s. He didn’t tell anyone about his find until he was on his deathbed and leaked the secret to Julia Thomas, owner of a local boarding house. It’s never been found.