San Carlos Apache Cultural Museum


Just a few miles from your Globe hotel is the San Carlos Apache Cultural Museum at Mile Marker 272, Highway #70 in Peridot. Opened in 1995, the cultural center is in the heart of Apache Nation, which is home to over 15,000 tribal members of various Apache bands. Apaches descended from “the Ancients,” and many were eventually relocated to reservations from traditional homes throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Mexico and California.

The San Carlos Apache Reservation was founded in 1871 and is the biggest concentrated Indian land in the world. In the museum, you’ll find ancient burden baskets and adornments. Apache cradleboards in ornamental and full size are also available. Explore the Peridot jewelry, carvings, beaded caps and paintings on hand.

A Piece of Globe

In the gift shop, you’ll find books on Apache history, a hearty information center, and keepsakes like keychains and jewelry. The museum and store are hosted by “The People,” also known as “Mountain People,” and are all Apache citizens. Learn about the history of one of the most well-known Native communities in the country directly from the descendants.

With fantastic crafts on display and intriguing lectures, it’s well worth the drive to Peridot to see the descendants of Geronimo. The well-organized museum is small and intimate. However, there are regular additions to the archives and exhibits as more of the local history is unearthed.