Most Googled Questions About Globe

Globe is a small but fascinating town that people have lots of questions about – here’s the answers to some of the most googled questions!

How far is Globe from Phoenix/Tucson/Mesa?

Globe is 87 miles from Phoenix, about an hour and a half drive, making Phoenix an excellent option for a daytrip, if you’re looking to explore.  Tucson is a bit farther, 103 miles, or about a two hour and ten minute drive. Mesa, Arizona is just outside Phoenix, 73 miles away from Globe, and it takes one hour and twenty minutes to get there.

How much snow does Globe get?

Globe is a fairly warm city, so it doesn’t get much snow, averaging roughly one inch per year.  For other weather, Globe gets 19 inches of rain per year, which is about half of the United States average, but they excel in sunny days.  The U.S. average is 205 days, whereas Globe gets 281!

How do I get to Globe?

Those who drive to Globe generally take either State Route 88 or U.S. 60.  If you’re coming from farther, fly into Phoenix, and then take a car along U.S. 60 to the town.

What’s in Globe?

Globe has a lot of things to do and see.  Visit some of the local National Parks, archaeological parks, and historical sites, including the haunted Globe County Jail.  You can also visit the San Carlo Apache Reservation and learn more about Native American culture.

What mine is in Globe?

Globe is home to the Old Dominion mine, which was built in 1880 for copper mining.  It stayed in production for roughly 50 years until the 1930s. Now you can hike through the grounds of the mine to see what life was like for the workers.

Where can I eat in Globe?

There’s some excellent restaurants for you to pick from in Globe, whether you’re looking for hamburgers and fries or stirfry.  Globe’s culinary claim to fame is Mexican cuisine, as the town features some of the best Mexican restaurants in the country!

How did Globe get its name?

In 1873, a miner found nine inch diameter ball of silver, reminiscent of a globe.  The discovery, particularly since the ball was possibly just sitting on the ground, not needing to be extracted, led to Globe becoming a mining center and provided the perfect name.  The area was so plentiful in gold, silver, and copper that the town was an excellent destination for prospecting.


Learn more about Globe by exploring the historic town when you visit!