Here’s How to Spend A Perfect Day in Globe

The town of Globe, Arizona is situated half east of the Phoenix metro area. The city is known for its mining past and is said to have emerged from silver that was discovered close to the townsite back in the 1800s. Listed down below are some ways you can enjoy a perfect day in Globe! 

Take a Glimpse of Early-Arizona Culture

Spot the “Historic Downtown Globe” sign embellished across the old railroad as you drive into Glove. A detour on Broad Street beneath the underpass will show you the heart of the city which is the perfect place to enjoy your day. A walk on Broad Street will take you to several storefronts and restaurants along with the Gila County Courthouse that showcases various artwork. Some Historic buildings also showcase a glimpse of the early era of Arizona cultures such as the Jai building built in 1910 and the Holy Angels Church established in 1918 that features glass windows created by one of the country’s artists. 

Appreciate Art During Renaissance Period

The old Gila County Courthouse located in the downtown area of Globe was established in 1906. The building is adorned in an Italian Renaissance-style design such as burnished stair rails and high ceilings with blue and elegant arches. The building served as a courthouse in the late 1970s until it was converted into the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts and features several local artworks. Today it is known as Globe’s hub for music, theater, quilts and fine arts.

Enjoy Globe’s Desert/Mountain Setting

Round Mountain Park is the spot if you want to see the magnificent views of Globe in a desert and mountain setting. Six hiking routes can also be found in the park as well as challenging climbs. The best views of Globe include the mountain ranges and the East or West Trails that head to the top of Round Mountain. 


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