Going Back in Time

In order to learn more about certain history and culture, most people read what is written in history books. Students learn them from their textbooks at school and educational tours of local historical attractions. Learn more about Globe, Arizona’s rich history and culture by going back in time while you read about this city in Gila County.   

Brief History of Globe, Arizona

Founded in 1875, Globe in Arizona is known for its mining camp and its growing tourism today. It is one of the cities in Gila County that has about 7,396 of the population as estimated in 2015. In 1987, one of Globe’s historical attractions is the Globe Downtown Historic District was added to the country’s  National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the most visited attractions in Globe, Arizona in the present day. 


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Local Lifestyle

There are people who retire to Globe, Arizona to continue a peaceful living. The cost of living in the city is 17.4% lower than the average cost of living in other cities in the United States. The best weather in Globe, Arizona is experienced in April, May and October while it can be hotter during Summer. Most people living in Globe commute by a car when they go to work or when running errands. Other people travel using a carpool or they walk. Some of them work from home.   


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Historical Buildings

Globe, Arizona has many old and historical buildings that can still be visited by the locals and other visitors. Cobre Valley Center for the Arts was known as Gila County Courthouse and Jail that was built in 1905. Drift Inn Saloon has been operating in Globe since 1902. Tourists can also visit Besh-Ba-Gowah Pueblo which is a Salado Indian ruin. 


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