Globe’s Scenic Spots

Globe, Arizona’s county seat, was developed in the 1870s as a mining town. Originally, the residents mined for silver, but that stopped just before the end of the 19th century, to be changed by more successful copper mining. Globe, situated in the Tonto Forest Region, is encircled by breathtaking landscape. As an outcome, it has become a widely popular destination for people seeking to enjoy the outdoors and the activities that it provides. It is located 100 miles east of Phoenix at such an elevation of 3,500 feet.

Salt River Canyon Scenic Drive

A drive is an excellent way to gain your senses on some of the environmental features near Globe. The picturesque journey that shows Salt River Canyon, which was formed millions of years ago, is unquestionably one of the greatest. You will definitely want to explore more closely at some of the locations along the route, but that’s also a task for another day. On this route, simply stop at the Canyon Viewpoint, where you may park at the canyon’s apex and gaze down the valley. If you want to go hiking there later, you’ll need to get a permit first from White Mountain Apache Tribe.


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Seneca Lake

Seneca Lake, just north of Globe, is an excellent spot to go if you want to go fishing. Because it is located on the San Carlos Reservation, you would need a permit to enter and fish there. You’ll see several abandoned structures nearby. They date back to the 1970s, when the Apache’s planned to build a resort complete with a restaurant, bar, trading post, rental cabins, and a huge hotel. There are even discussions of constructing a golf course. They fell behind on their payments, thus everything of worth was taken, and the project has not been resumed.

Round Mountain Park

The circular paths in this park are worth exploring if you’re searching for some hiking options. Even if you’re a casual walker or a veteran hiker, there are five options that may be perfect for you. The most magnificent route is the West Trail, which leads up to the flag. From the peak, you’ll enjoy a fantastic view of Globe and the distant mountain ranges. The largest of the treks is little over 3 miles long, but because they are interconnected, you may walk sections of many hikes in a single day.


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