Globe Treasures


Prospectors heavily scouted Arizona in the late 1800s and found silver on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. This included a strange, globe-shaped nugget of silver, and the nickname “Globe” not only stuck but became the town’s proper name. After four years of prospecting, the silver ran out, but rich deposits of copper were found. By the early 1900s, Old Dominion Copper Company was the richest in the world. It closed in 1931, and mining moved a few miles away to the town of Miami.

However, the Globe economy is still highly dependent on mining. Today, it’s where one of the last operating copper smelters is located. Globe is also known for its indigenous, Native American history and populations. The historic landmark Besh Ba Gowah was home to the Salado people from 1225 – 1400.

Home in Globe

As soon as silver was discovered in 1875, plans to incorporate the town started. Banks, shops, and the first newspaper were operating by 1878. In 1881, it became the county seat and home to a major stagecoach line that connected to Silver City. However, it’s always remained somewhat isolated, and there’s still evidence of the town’s frontier roots.

Globe’s history includes stagecoach robberies and outlaws, the quintessential wild west. It’s where the showdown continued after the famous O.K. Corral in Tombstone. With connections to Apache Kid and Geronimo, Globe has always been a fascinating place, and it’s the perfect getaway for your southwest adventure.