Globe, Arizona’s Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate

If you are in Globe, Arizona and you are looking for a place where you can have a fantastic wine tasting experience, Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate is one of the ideal destinations in town. They offer delicious wine and entertaining activities for their guests. Book your travel to Globe, Arizona and add Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate to your must-visit attractions!

Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate

Your trip to Globe, Arizona will be much exciting when you visit the beautiful vineyard and winery, Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate. You will find them when you explore E South Street. Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate have been serving delicious wine since 2011 when it was founded by its owner, Timothy Trent and Daisy Flores. Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate is the only vineyard and winery that you will find in the small town of Globe, Arizona.

Tasty Wine and Other Menu

When you visit Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate, you and your friends will love wine tasting in their wine tasting room. The winery also offers tasty wine on their menu including Red and White Wine. Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate’s Red Wine menu includes Sweet Madame, Bandita Red, Globe’s Delicate Red and Zinful Red. Their White Wine includes a tasty Globe’s Gold, Fetch and Gate’s Open.

Fun Activities

Join the Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate’s Wine Club and receive wine club benefits. You can also avail of Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate’s Waggin’ Train Zoo. When you tour the vineyard, you will find adorable Miniature Horse, Donkeys, Alpacas and Goats. Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate also holds events that support local artists such as their Van Gogh At The Vineyard.