Globe, Arizona’s Monuments of Grandeur

Globe and its sister city, Miami, are both located in the heart of Arizona, providing access to both the vast outdoors and welcoming historic areas. At the crossroads of US Highway 60 and State Route 77, Globe serves as a gateway to Roosevelt Lake, the San Carlos Apache region, and the Pinal Mountains. Globe’s lovely downtown emanates old-fashioned charm, including a historic courthouse, county jail with magnificent churches. Have a closer look at the homes during the chamber of commerce’s annual spring historic home tour.

Alamo Lake State Park

One of Arizona’s top bass fishing places is Alamo Lake State Park. Visitors should look up in the skies for bald or golden eagles. The kids will have a great time here as well; they could become junior rangers in this state park.


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Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

The Casa Grande Ruins are home to the Ancient Sonoran Desert People’s farming hamlet, which includes the surviving “Great House,” or “Casa Grande.” The structure was constructed in 1350 and abandoned in 1450. It was declared as a National Monument in 1918 and it became the country’s first archaeological reserve in 1892.


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Chiricahua National Monument

Chiricahua National Monument is located 90 miles south of Tucson, near Willcox. Visit the Faraway Ranch, a two-room cabin established in 1886, or hike or camp on 17 miles of trails. The landscape is dominated by the park’s spires, dangerous, fanciful pinnacles that can reach hundreds of feet in height.


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